January 2009, Ford 250

New Tires for The Chief

I realized last weekend when I was in the desert that my tires were looking pretty bad. I had plenty of tread left (by my standards) but there was a bit too much cracking in one of them and a bad sidewall gash in the other so it was time to upgrade.

I ended up keeping them at 30″ x 9.50″ x 15″ but going with BF Goodrich All Terrains.  The BFG’s came in cheaper than another set of Bridgestones would have and while I had no issues with the Bridgestones the BFG All Terrain is a well known and proven tire.

New Tires
Click for a larger view.

And a close up of the tire.

The Tire
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PS, after chalking and parking lot cruising these tires told me that they want to run at 32psi on the stock XJ.