May 2010, Big Bear, CA

2010 Rockin’ XJ Jamboree

November is here, time for the Rockin’ XJ Jamboree / Goatfest.

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I don’t feel like doing a full detailed write up so here is a short picture story for you folks, as usual click on any photo to see the full size version.

While driving out I saw a really cool RV with a toy hauler, if you have sharp eyes you’ll see the surfboard leash dangling on the freeway, he pulled over a couple miles later and corrected that one.
For the entire run from Torrance I was being chased by a goblin XJ, just when I thought I’d lose it I’d find it behind me again, this was really frightening.
After what seemed like hours (because it was) we hit some dirt.
Then it was time to set camp and have a beer or more.  While I was in camp I learned many fascinating things.  One thing I learned is to make sure and invite Kevin to events so I can get some free Stone brew.  Another was that Mark get stuck easily.
After a few beers I carefully set up my sleeping quarters (drunkenly threw everything out of the Jeep) and went to sleep.  I woke up on Saturday, had some breakfast, and went out on the Claw run.  After a troublesome start I wasn’t really feeling any love from Claw and bravely turned around and ran away.
Cal and his Turkey Claw group were back in camp by then and Cal decided to lead a run up Lower Big Johnson and Tackhammer.  At first I was just going to follow them out, maybe take a few pictures, then go play around in easy areas by myself but the rocks started calling me and I stuck around for the duration of the run.
We even let some YJs play with us:
Proof I (or at least my rig) was there:
After LBJ Cal and Chris (in the nice SJ) went off to watch Richard and company have some Chocolate or something while the rest of us continued on to Tack.  I didn’t take many photos here but I did hand my camera off to Mark to take some of me!
He took even better pictures of Josh in the YJ but don’t worry, I made sure to dock his pay for that BS!
I dig this photo he got of Julio and I.  I’m not sure what sort of conversation we were having here but I’m sure I wasn’t being too nice to him, I have a reputation to uphold after all.
After that it was time to head back to camp and get ready for the BBQ!  I got this photo of Jesse on the lakebed, I like the photo but really wish my mirror wasn’t in it, that’s the pitfalls of taking photos while driving, maybe one day I’ll try taking photos from the sidelines?
All in all it was a great event, even if my Jeep hasn’t quite make it home yet!  I’ll be there next year barring any unforeseen issues and my goal is to make it there on a trailer, man I’m afraid all hell will break loose then.