May 2010, Big Bear, CA

1966 Ford Mustang

Click for a larger view

This old project has been on hold for lack of workspace for a long time now.  One day I’ll get back to this, hopefully before Sebastian is old enough to drive it.

Current Specifications:

  • 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe
  • Run of the mill 289 V8
  • Autolite 2100 2bbl carb rated for 300cfm
  • C4 Transmission
  • Awful blue color

The vehicle came from the factory as a base model 289 with four speed and was painted Wimbledon White, at some point a previous owner converted it to an automatic and (poorly) installed the factory center console.  It’s been repainted twice since then, first Fire Engine Red then this current blue color.

My plans:  I’m going to build up the 289 to get some more power out of it, I probably won’t build it too extreme though as I don’t want to spend too much money (No, I haven’t done my research yet).  I’m going to give it a stick again although I’ll likely use a T5 (five speed) instead of the old four speed T98.  I’m not sure if I’m going to change the gear ratio, I’ll have to crunch the numbers when I plan my build (figure out where my powerband will be then plan my gear ratios from there), I will be adding a good limited slip either way.  Oh yeah, I’ll be painting it a dark red.