January 2010, Moab, UT

1971 F-250 – The Truck

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This is just your basic old truck, it’s old and shows it but it gets the job done every time.  My grandfather bought this in 1972 (It was just under a year old) and put it to work.  Now it belongs to me and I put it to work when I need it and am slowly fixing it up to undue some of the past years of neglect it has suffered.  One day in the future I’ll make it shiny again, until that date though it’ll keep getting the job done whenever it needs doing.

  • 1971 Ford F-250 Camper Special
  • 390ci Ford FE V8 (Big Block power!)
  • Autolite 2100 2 barrel carburetor rated at 351cfm
  • C6 three speed automatic
  • Big ass mirrors
  • Total of 44 gallons fuel storage, about enough to feed the 390 for 300 miles of around town driving

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